Your Future is In Your Hands, so Become a Franchise Owner and See How Bright It Can Be!

“Youth is wasted on the young,” so said George Bernard Shaw.

But, is it really?

For those under 30, it appears they aren’t ‘wasting’ their time because of their youth, but rather taking advantage of it. As they were growing up they watched as their parents work hard for others with the goal of reaching 30 years of service so they could retire. While they appreciate how loyal and dedicated their parents were, they don’t want to follow in their footsteps. They don’t want to give one extra hard-earned dollar to someone else. Instead, they are looking to retire younger, and with more accumulated wealth than their parents saw. In other words, they want to do it their way!

These young people are looking and planning for their futures by doing the research, acquiring the knowledge, and taking the risks to get them to their goal. They take the time to measure the pros and cons because they want to make smart decisions that will positively impact them. They are independent, and as much as they know how to play they are looking ahead. They are conscious of protecting their money and watching it grow.

As a newly married 27-year-old, Enrique Larach of Springhill, Florida is beginning to realize that being an entrepreneur is important for him and his new family.

“My parents have always been in business for themselves,” Larach shared. “But like most kids, I wanted to do the complete opposite of them! I went to college, then firefighter school, and am currently in a ‘traditional’ job. But now I want ownership. Ownership in a business, and ownership in my future. I am looking for opportunities that will allow me to keep working where I am, but will give me the freedom to start a business that I can look forward to taking over when the time is right.”

What Larach needs to do is invest – as a semi-passive investor – in a franchise business. Being a semi-passive investor (or silent partner) will allow him the ability to continue working (if he wants to) while still contributing to his 401K/retirement, maintaining his health/insurance benefits all while building his future financial nest egg.

With time (and age) on his side, he is in the unique position to watch as his franchise business (and money) works for him. As it grows, he may find himself in the position to leave his “traditional job” to become a full-time entrepreneur, just like his parents! But, even if that’s not the case, being an owner in a franchise affords him the opportunity to maintain a lifestyle while growing his future wealth.

So what kind of franchise is best for Larach to consider based on his work/life situation today?

That depends on how he answers the following questions, which you should ask yourself, too!

  1. What kind of financial investment is he (you) ready to make?

  2. As a semi-passive investor does he (you) have ability to give up control of the day-to-day operations?

  3. What type of business does he (you) want waiting for you (him) when the time is right?

At Franocity, we have hundreds of traditional franchises for those individuals who just want to make a financial investment. What we are most proud of are the industries and businesses that are unique, interesting, and have lots of opportunities for turning a profit. We welcome a chance to sit down with you to discuss which business franchise is right for you.

While a semi-passive investor doesn’t exactly mean you “set it and forget it,” it comes pretty close. The idea of being a financial backer of a franchise is that while you are living and working your life your franchise business is working right alongside you waiting for you to decide when you are ready to run it. If you are young and want to see how much your money can work for you and your future contact one of our franchise consultants today for a free consultation.

Let us help you find a business opportunity that’s right for you!