With Franocity there are no stupid questions!

Starting something new or venturing out into the unknown can be intimidating…even scary. You may have one, none or as much as a hundred questions, but are afraid to ask them because you think they are silly. With Franocity, we welcome your questions (no matter what you think of them), and strive to answer each and every one of them so that you are 100 percent comfortable and confident when making the decision to work with us.

So ask away!

Since it’s our business to match you with the perfect franchise it’s important to us that YOU are well informed and prepared. We aren’t going to hide behind the mumbo jumbo of the franchise business consultant world, but instead we want to gift you with some important questions to ask US. We are all ears when it comes to listening to your concerns, and we want you to ask us anything and everything! We are confident that you will like – no, love our answers!

Consider these questions your Franchise Consultant Cheat Sheet:

  1. What is Franocity’s background/history?
  2. How does your expertise qualify you to guide me through the franchise process?
  3. What, if any, leadership roles has Franocity held in the franchising industry?
  4. How many, and what are the names of the franchises you have invested in?
  5. What qualities do you look for when choosing the perfect franchise for your clients?
  6. How do you select a franchise to work with, are there certain business characteristics you look for?
  7. What’s the next step after you introduce me to a franchise?
  8. Has Franocity ever been involved in any lawsuits or bankruptcies?
  9. Can you help me secure funds for my new business?
  10. What are your top three risk mitigation strategies for new entrepreneurs?

We know that the “average” franchise consulting firm won’t be able to answer most of these questions. But, we’re not average. Give us the opportunity to answer these, and any other questions you may have. There is no do doubt that you will quickly see that we bring value and unparalleled expertise you won’t find anywhere else. As one of the most successful franchise consulting firms in the country, Franocity listens, advises and helps you navigate the franchise investigation process. We don’t want you to ever feel intimated, but rather involved and include in the process of finding the perfect franchise for your business’ goals.

If you feel like you’re ready to be your own boss, then call us today at 561-609-6200 for a FREE consultation. Don’t forget to bring your Franchise Consultant Cheat Sheet with you and ask away because with Franocity there are no stupid questions!