The Great Resignation Revolutuion

There was a time in our workforce culture that if your boss called you into their office at 4 pm on a Friday things weren’t looking so good. You were in trouble. Whether it was a reprimand that left you with your tail between your legs, or worse, you were being escorted out the door by security, it was never a good exchange. Hopefully, you haven’t had too many of either of these experiences. What’s ironic is that today the complete opposite is happening. More and more employees are taking their “jobs by the horn,” walking straight into their boss’ office, and handing in their letter of resignation. And, they aren’t even waiting for Friday to do so!

This newfound power of the people has been dubbed, The Great Resignation. These walkouts translate into 3.95 million workers leaving their jobs – on their terms -– each month according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Gallup reports that these roles include, “all job categories, from customer-facing service roles to highly professional positions.”

There is no doubt that there have been times when you wanted to walk away from your job, but didn’t or couldn’t. You stay and continue to stay in jobs that may not fulfill or challenge you because of benefits and a steady paycheck every two weeks. Besides, how would it look to your family and friends if you up and quit just because you weren’t happy or appreciated? Weren’t you raised to be grateful for even having a good job?

Today though, employees are making the decision to walk away from their jobs and careers because frankly, they are done. From vaccine mandates to having to return to the office after months at home, to not feeling valued, to having enough of the extra piles of work without proper compensation has left them tired and empty. Whatever the ‘straw-that-broke-the-camel’s back’ moment was this mad exodus is about employee engagement – or disengagement – as is the case. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report identified a global employee engagement rate of just 20% – 34% in the U.S. and Canada, this means that employees are unhappy, unsatisfied, and frustrated.

But what if you could find work that affords you more personal and financial success? Something that engages your experience and passion, and leaves you feeling accomplished and satisfied. What if you could buy into a franchise business and finally resign?

With Franocity’s database of hundreds of business opportunities in dozens of different industries and sectors, there is something that is just right for you and your financial goals. Whether it’s having more connection to your clients, more impact in the community, more hours to spend with those you love, we can match you with a business opportunity that gives you what you need to live a happy, satisfied, and fulfilling life.

In this era of The Great Resignation know that you are not alone. Franocity will be there to welcome you out of your current job and into your role as a business owner. Think about that the next time you are called away from your child’s soccer game, or you have to miss a special occasion with your spouse because your boss needed you to finish a project. Think about how you spent the last 18 months working from home, and now you are required to return to the office.

Are you ready to join The Great Resignation revolution? Then call Franocity today!