I can't say enough about the work done between Franocity and Franchise FastLane. Cliff, Justin and their entire team are the best of the best when it comes to helping people identify the right franchise. If I were someone looking for a franchise I would want a team of people who are franchisees themselves, spend a lot of time researching all of the franchise brands available and have a proven process to identify which franchise is going to be a fit for me based on my specific situation. Cliff and his team check all of these boxes. If you're someone looking to invest into a franchise I would high recommend Franocity.

Ryan Z

I was at a crossroads not only in my career, but in my life. I was working with another coach and it wasn’t working for me. Once I talked to Cliff, we really hit it off and he had a perfect understanding of my situation and what I was looking for. It took almost a year to get there but Cliff was always there for me and now I’m super excited to be starting a new business with my wife, all thanks to Cliff. I could not recommend Cliff higher!

Seth N

My husband and I had the great fortune of meeting Cliff Nonnenmacher by chance a little over two years ago. We were at a franchise "expo" looking for a possible franchise opportunity to help us bring our small business idea to fruition. We did not find a match, but we found Cliff and Franocity instead. Within the first few minutes of speaking with him, we were both impressed by how well he listened and the fact that he seemed to really care about the answers to the questions he asked. We decided to engage his services to help us find a franchise opportunity, even though that wasn't the path we were initially on. After more in-depth conversations, Cliff delivered several possible franchise ideas to us; we then worked with him to find the one that made the most sense for us. We are now happy owners of a successful business franchise that has been in operation for 16 months. I have recommended Cliff to friends already and would wholeheartedly suggest that anyone looking for a franchise opportunity call Cliff and see what he can find for you--I believe it will be well worth it!

Karen S

Thanks for your help in finding a franchise. I had spoken with other consultants, but they didn’t seem to understand what I wanted to do. When I found you, I didn’t have much time to make a decision since my job was coming to an end. You spent so much time with me in the beginning making sure I had all the information I needed to make a good decision. I can’t thank you enough for how you have helped my family.

Andres W

The journey with Bill was a demonstration of professionalism and personal kindness. He always was available, supportive and interested in our process, he asked and understood what we wanted to do and gave us all the tools to achieve our objective. During this process of searching for a franchise, the experience of Bill and his contacts were key to being successful. I 100% recommend you work with Bill---in one individual you have professionalism and just an excellent person.

Juan A (from Argentina to Florida)

Bill thanks a lot for recommending us to a specific franchise. You do a great job understanding customers and helping them find that tailored franchise in the USA. It was surprising how you found a franchise based on my past working experiences. I definitely will recommend you to other people trying to move to the USA.

Alejo J (from Mexico to DC)

Our family decided to look into purchasing a franchise in the summer of 2018. I didn’t even know there was such a position as “franchise consultant” when we started. Through our research we found a couple of franchise consultants and decided to give both of them an opportunity to help us. The first one interviewed our family on the phone and got to know us. He came back with one suggestion for a franchise. We followed up on that one suggestion and found out he hadn’t provided accurate information and it wasted our time. The second consultant was Bill Helton. He interviewed our family on the phone and got to know us. He came back with five suggestions for us to look into. He provided accurate information about all five franchises and gave us guidance in following up with each franchise possibility. All of the franchises were viable options and after we followed up on them, one rose to the top. We are now owners of a great franchise that is a great fit. Thanks, Bill!

Jolene H.

“I scoured the internet for weeks looking at franchises. After reading almost 50 FDD’s and looking at hundreds of franchises I was quite disappointed as I felt like I had found every franchise available in my area, and I still hadn’t found a good fit. I called Bill hoping that he would know of a franchise I hadn’t heard of, but to be honest I was doubtful. Well, he came through in a BIG way. He not only introduced me to a couple of franchises that I had not yet heard of, but matched me up with one that is a perfect fit for my talents and situation. If you are serious about starting a franchise, but want to be sure you pick the right one, talking to Bill will be the best investment in time you can make.”

Tim H.

"Bill is the most professional agents that I have dealt with in my life. Choosing a franchise opportunity for me and my family that fit the stage of my life was extremely important, since we were moving from Brazil to USA. He really, I mean really, tries to understand your skills, your personality, your purpose, your family dynamics, financials and he is able to put all of this together to give you the best franchise opportunities that match everything you desire. I thought before knowing him that he would push me towards an opportunity that could give a good commission, but with him you feel that he is more interested in offering you the best opportunity that match your personal needs. Another thing that really impressed me is that he is very connected to the franchisors, and everything he told me about the details of the opportunities we have looked over, the info was the same from the franchisors. And after closing the deal he keeps in touch with you to know if everything is doing well. Thanks a lot, Bill. I highly recommend you to everybody and I hope that God Bless your work!"

Alex F.