If you think Corporate America loves you…think again.

While 40 is the new 20 as far as health, fitness and maintaining your ‘youthful’ looks goes, that formula doesn’t necessarily translate into how Corporate America views Baby Boomers. In the work place your age is a real age that no anti-aging wrinkle cream can change, and if you fall into the Baby Boomer category, plus or minus a few years, you may be facing ageism in the workplace or when applying for a job. 

Going Back To Work

Getting back to “normal” may mean getting back to the office. But now, getting back to the office doesn’t seem so ideal. You are going to miss seeing the faces of the ones you love throughout the day. Plus, you aren’t sure you are ready to give up your autonomy, get dressed (in work appropriate attire), fight traffic and return to your old self because frankly, you are not your old self anymore.