Successfully Recruit and Retain the Best Employees

Hardworking employees are needed to make any business a successful one. In recent times recruiting employees has become even more of a challenge due to the labor shortage and “Great Resignation” where we saw over 4 million workers leave their jobs. Offering employee stability and career growth will put your franchise a step above the rest. Let’s take a closer look at some other tips to successfully recruit and retain top employees. 

Involve Customers & Employees

Recruiting can become a time-consuming challenge, but there’s help available to you right under your nose. Involving loyal customers and employees can be beneficial to finding top employees. Listing the position and countless interviews can become expensive and take you away from other important business matters. You can offer referral checks or special discounts to customers that may know someone looking for work. Current employees are also a great source because they may have friends already qualified and interested in the position. A referral bonus or paid time off can be a great incentive to find the employees you’re searching for. 

Use Modern Tools

Social media is an amazing modern tool when it comes to recruitment. Facebook has become one of the top social media outlets to promote open positions and recruit both entry and mid-level positions. Facebook listings are also a cost-effective way to list compared to other methods. Customers and employees can also help out by sharing your posts on their social media. Online ads and updated career pages on your franchise website are also great ways to take advantage of the modern tools available to us. 

A Chance to Grow

Your role doesn’t end once recruitment is finished. Now that you’ve secured top employees, your next focus should be retaining them. If an employee feels like there’s no more room for them to grow within your company, chances are they’re going to start looking for other work. Your business models should always be modified for your employees to achieve higher goals. Training and professional development are great opportunities to help your employees feel motivated and inspired. 

Financial Techniques

Incentive programs are another beneficial way to keep your employees happy. Enjoy low turnover by offering financial incentives such as a structured bonus system including a retention bonus when an employee reaches a certain amount of time on the job. Other financial techniques you can introduce to your staff include, profit sharing, peer recognition, partially paid college tuition, and extra paid time off for meeting performance expectations. An employee that feels appreciated for their hard work will stay a happy one. 

If you’re looking for extra guidance when it comes to recruiting top employees and retaining them, Franocity is the place for you. For franchise consultation, expert advice, and more, our team is here to guide you every step up the way. Call us today at 561-609-6200 for your free franchise consultation!

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