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Let’s get down to the basics. If this is your first stop on your journey to franchising, this is for you. We break down what it means to join a franchise system. Learn More.

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Buying a franchise is a big investment — we’ve got a guide to help you make the right purchase according to your goals and lifestyle. Learn More.

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Business Professional

Five Habits of Highly-Effective Franchise Owners

By digiadmin | August 11, 2022

The business world is considered by many to be cut-throat, competitive, and littered with the failed ambitions of many that were never realized. And according to some, those are the good parts. The franchising world is a great way to get started in the business. Effective practices and good habits are of the utmost importance … Read more

Franocity Employees

A Franchise Culture That Will Attract Employees

By digiadmin | July 27, 2022

It’s been two years since the global pandemic hit with a ferocity that changed the business landscape. Many wondered if returning to a physical workplace would ever return, and other businesses had to close down due to the restriction placed on many in the workforce. With restrictions gradually being lifted and life returning to a … Read more

Best Employees

Successfully Recruit and Retain the Best Employees

By digiadmin | July 12, 2022

Hardworking employees are needed to make any business a successful one. In recent times recruiting employees has become even more of a challenge due to the labor shortage and “Great Resignation” where we saw over 4 million workers leave their jobs. Offering employee stability and career growth will put your franchise a step above the … Read more

Food Franchise

Investing in a Healthy Food Franchise

By digiadmin | June 28, 2022

In recent years, more consumers have become concerned with their health and what food they consume. With more people beginning to question what they put into their bodies and the ingredients used to create their meals, there is a growing need for healthy food franchises. 

New Lease on Life

A New Lease on Life: Franchising

By digiadmin | June 13, 2022

We sometimes encounter good folks who are down on their luck after losing a job or are overwhelmingly frustrated with their career trajectory. Many Americans were not meant to be employees forever and are secretly pining for a new lease on life. The problem is that they don’t know where to find it or how … Read more

Labor Shortage Issues Affecting the Hiring Process? Get Creative.

By digiadmin | May 25, 2022

In our Great Resignation Revolution article, we discussed how the lack of employee engagement and satisfaction has caused employees to up and quit their jobs. This absentee workforce puts businesses – of all shapes and sizes – in a difficult position. With not enough hands to help, clientele are left frustrated and customers walk away … Read more

Franchising Has Never Been Hotter

Franchising Has Never Been Hotter

By digiadmin | May 24, 2022

We now have even more reason to acknowledge the boom in franchise businesses in America. This ongoing trend has gotten even hotter since the pandemic. Savvy entrepreneurs are discovering that one of the best ways to do business is to enter into an effective franchise relationship.

Financing a Franchise

7 Questions to Ask Before Financing Your Franchise

By digiadmin | May 16, 2022

Creating your own business has become more and more popular due to less stability in the job world. It may have always been a dream of yours to establish your franchise but at times it can seem out of reach. The good news is you don’t need a ton of money to invest right away … Read more

Food Franchise Opportunities

Chicken Isn’t Even Chicken

By digiadmin | May 11, 2022

There have been lots of big and little lessons learned during this global setback. One thing to note is how people have been taking charge of their lives and futures. Whether it’s retiring early, downsizing, focusing on work/life balance, or leaving their corporate jobs, people of all ages are looking for ways where they can … Read more

Food Franchise

Changes in the Foodservice Franchise Industry

By digiadmin | April 29, 2022

According to Statistica, quick-service restaurants are the largest segment of the franchising industry. His segment comprises more than $241 billion of the industry’s total economic output.