16 Best Pizza Franchise Opportunities in 2021


Naturally, if you’re thinking of starting your own business, you’re looking to make some dough, but how do you make sure you get the biggest slice of pie? Consider joining a pizza franchise. With 94 percent of Americans eating pizza regularly, your chances of success are pretty well baked. If you’re concerned about health and wellness, you’re not alone. More people have been craving healthy alternatives, and the pizza industry is delivering.

We’ve all heard of the big ones — Domino’s, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and the like, but is there opportunity with smaller franchise brands? We’ve done the hard work for you and pulled some great options.


The “Sweet 16” list of pizza franchises.

1. Sam & Louie’s N.Y. Pizza

Opening in 1994 in Omaha, Nebraska, Sam & Louie’s currently has nine locations. The initial franchise fee is $25,000 with a total investment between $331,500-$474,700. They are seeking new franchisees in the United States — especially in the Midwest. Veteran incentives are available. This franchise option works well in both small towns and larger cities.

2. RedBrick

Offering organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free options, Red Brick really has something for everyone. This Neopolitan-style pizza brand currently has 13 locations. Initial franchise fee is $30,000, with a total investment between $316,400–$548,200. Starting in 2001, RedBrick Pizza is accepting inquiries from all 50 states. They also have some locations in Canada.

3. The Pizza Press

Why build your own pizza when you can “publish” it? Founded in 2012 in Anaheim, California, The Pizza Press has been publishing pizzas in their 30 locations for some time now. Initial investment comes in at $35,000, with a total investment of $300,000–$791,500. A franchise program for veterans is available.

4. Pizza Ranch

Since 1981, Pizza Ranch has been serving guests with a legendary experience. With 207 locations, some also equipped with a FunZone Arcade, Pizza Ranch is looking for franchisees throughout the Midwest and in parts of the South. Startup costs are at $30,000 — total investment ranges between $1.3 million–$3.4 million.

5. East of Chicago Pizza

Founded in Willard, Ohio, in 1991, East of Chicago Pizza now has 70 locations. Initial franchise fee is $20,000 with a total investment of $162,000-$463,000. Serving pizza, subs, and wings, East of Chicago Pizza locations have all your favorites. Territories available across the United States, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. Some states do require an area agreement or sub-franchisor.

6. Happy’s Pizza

Detroit-style pizza, born in 1994, Happy’s Pizza currently 65 locations. Currently smoking out new locations in Michigan, Nevada, and Ohio. Franchise fee is $25,000, and the total investment is between $313,880–$495,000. Happy’s Pizza locations offer a variety of items such as dry-rubbed ribs, BBQ, chicken, subs, seafood, wings, and salad. Each location also offers catering.

7. My Pie

New York-style, New York fast with New York heritage, My Pie has nine open locations currently. To open a My Pie location, the franchise fee is $35,000, and the total cost to launch is $190,000–$545,000. Territories available nationwide.

8. Pieology

First opening in March of 2011 in Fullerton, California, Pieology now has 140 locations. Pieology offers vegetarian and vegan pizzas as part of their menu. Franchisee startup costs are $25,000 — total investment ranges between $289,000–$807,500. Pieology is in 22 states across the U.S. and has international locations. Brand motto: Pizza, People, Passion.

9. LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria

Beginning in Cincinnati in 1954, LaRosa’s has been serving Italian family recipes for over 60 years. The franchise has 66 locations currently and is looking to expand in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina. With a $35,000 franchise fee, the total investment to open a LaRosa’s is $400,000–$950,000.

10. Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Originating in Houston back in 1992, Russo’s now has 49 locations. Serving New York-style pizza, soup, pasta, and calzones, all of their recipes hail from Naples and Sicily. The initial franchise fee is $39,500, with a total investment between $450,000–$950,000.

11. Your Pie

Founded in 2008 in Athens, Georgia, Your Pie now has 75 locations. All of the U.S., with the exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii, is available for franchise opportunities. The cost to open a Your Pie location comes in at $364,750-$610,000, with a startup fee of $35,000.

12. Vocelli Pizza

From humble beginnings in 1998 in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Vocelli’s has held fast to one rule: fresh, never frozen tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Their commitment to using the best ingredients carries through to their 100 locations. The initial franchise fee is $20,000, with a total investment between $156,000–$330,900. Veteran incentives are available.

13. Ledo Pizza

Serving pizza since 1995 after first opening in Adelphi, Maryland. Ledo Pizza currently has 110 locations. With a $30,000 franchise fee, the total investment to open a Ledo Pizza is $126,250-$442,000.

14. Toppers

First opening in 1991, Toppers has expanded to 68 locations across the U.S. Toppers has single-unit opportunities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Multi-unit opportunities are also available in all single-unit states in as well as Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and Texas. Initial franchise fee is between $10,000–$30,000, with a total investment range of $314,075–$530,000.

15. Paisano’s

Opening in Fairfax, Virginia, in 1998, Paisano’s now has 40 locations. With a $40,000 franchise fee, the total investment to open a Paisano’s is $347,000–$635,500. Single-unit and multi-unit franchise opportunities are available.

16. Rosati’s

Starting in Illinois back in 1964, Rosati’s has been a family-owned brand for 40 years. Currently spanning the country with 175 locations, Rosati’s is always looking for more “family” to join them. The initial franchise fee is $30,000, with a total investment of $136,200–$1,241,000.


While 2020 hit the restaurant industry hard due to COVID-19 restrictions, the pizza industry has been able to continue growing. As the world begins to return to normalcy, there is no doubt that the restaurant industry will make a comeback. Fortunately, for pizza restaurants, that doesn’t just mean recovery, but growth. When contemplating franchise opportunities, consider their ability to ride the wave when things get tough.

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