Lost your job because of a corporate vaccine mandate? A franchise might be your answer.

If you are among the 1% of employees who have chosen not to be vaccinated, and as a result have either been let go or have chosen to quit your job, you may be asking yourself, “What now?”

How about becoming a franchise business owner?

While 1% may not seem like a significant number when you combine it with people across cities and between states it adds up to thousands of healthcare workers, first responders, government, and university employees who are out of work and on the streets. What this number illustrates is that people want to have control over their bodies, their decisions, and they don’t want their organizations to speak for them.  

For those of you who are out of a job because of your stance against the vaccine, and are not interested in applying somewhere new with the same mandates, let Franocity assess your experience and knowledge, and find you the best business opportunity that allows you to be you.

Are you ready to be in charge or your life? Are you ready to make decisions that benefit and not punish you? Let Franocity fix your current position by helping you become a franchise owner. We can help you figure out what industry is best suited for you. But before we can do that we want you to ask yourself the following:

  1. What did I love about the work I did? Was it your connection to people? Was it the end result? Was it the satisfaction you got from resolving an issue? Get specific about the things that made your job joyful and satisfying. Jot your answers down and make them your non-negotiables. With Franocity’s team of franchise consultant professionals we can find you a business that marries the things you love to do with the kind of work you are meant to do! 
  2. What didn’t you like about your job? This list can break the scale, but go ahead and write everything down about your job difficult and frustrating. While no work situation will ever be perfect, it’s interesting to see what specifically gets your goat. Was it the long hours? The micro-management culture? Let our seasoned team of franchise professional filter through the things that make your skin crawl so that we can find you something that fits you perfectly.
  3. What have you always wanted to do? This is where Franocity steps in and helps you realize you dreams. While we can’t get you a gig as an astronaut, we can help you find fulfilling work that benefits your soul and your pocket! Give us a call for a free consultation and let us work with you in making your dream a reality.

With all of the benefits of becoming a franchise business owner, freedom is truly top of the list. Freedom to be your own boss, freedom to unleash your potential, freedom to have more time to do things you love with the people you love, and mostly freedom to live life your way.

Give us a call today for a free consultation!