Labor Shortage Issues Affecting the Hiring Process? Get Creative.

In our Great Resignation Revolution article, we discussed how the lack of employee engagement and satisfaction has caused employees to up and quit their jobs. This absentee workforce puts businesses – of all shapes and sizes – in a difficult position. With not enough hands to help, clientele are left frustrated and customers walk away unhappy. If you have been anywhere: a restaurant, retail store, or even a doctor’s office, you’ve probably seen the disclaimers:

Please be patient with us we are short-staffed.

Blaming the folks who prefer to stay home rather than go to work isn’t good for your blood pressure, so don’t go there! Instead, maybe it’s time to think about how your decision to open a franchise business and your business practices can help to inspire people to get back to work, which in turn, will help to reenergize their communities.

You probably never thought that your ownership of a franchise business could benefit others and improve lives. Well, it can. But, it first starts with you having some knowledge about the labor force and the issues it faces in the city/community/area where you will launch your business. If you have an interest in becoming a franchise owner, and you’ve done a little research you know that there are a number of factors/decisions to consider when finally deciding on the type of franchise business to own. First, it starts with YOU and the goals you want to achieve. Then it’s the MARKET, and the type of business that will survive and thrive in it. And, not to be overlooked, the PEOPLE. What does the labor force you will access to fill positions, to serve your customers, and to represent your brand look like? Understanding what motivates these laborers to get off their comfy couch and into your doors is critical for your franchise business’s long-term success, and getting them on board may require a little more effort than it has in the past.

Understanding human behavior requires lots of education and a handful of letters after your last name, but when it comes to hiring and onboarding your future employees all it takes is a little ingenuity.

Here are some tips on how to recruit people to become members of your team:

  1. Offer hiring and other types of bonuses. Getting people off the couch is going to take more than just the “privilege” of working for you. Offer a signing bonus (with a stipulation) and a commitment to reevaluate performance within a specific time frame for additional compensation. If you like the candidate’s work ethic and attitude ask them to refer a friend for an additional bonus reward. As you know, “money talks!”

  2. Poach! You probably frequent certain businesses and are familiar with those individuals who provide you with great service and have a positive attitude and enthusiastic disposition. If you appreciate their efforts, tell them. Let them know about your business and how you think they would be a great fit. Don’t push too hard, but let them know that you are serious and are willing to offer them something better.

  3. Appreciate them. Employee recognition usually happens well into their years of service, but with today’s workforce unpredictable recognizing their achievements will need to happen sooner rather than later, and a little more often. In addition to giving kudos for their outstanding performance tack on additional responsibilities, a new title, and a better parking space. We aren’t trying to give everyone a “blue participation ribbon,” here, but we are trying to boost their confidence and inspire them to continue doing what they are doing.

  4. Give them access to your business. If your franchise is food-based, consider a daily stipend for meals. This not only puts money in their pocket, but gives them first-hand knowledge of the products they are serving, and helps them offer recommendations and upsell menu items. If you are a gym or a wellness facility, discounted memberships or free once-a-month services lets them feel pampered and appreciated.

The point of all of this is not to let labor shortages and employee disengagement interfere with your dreams of owning a franchise. Where there is a will there is a way, and with our help, we can help you get on your way to realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Give Franocity a call today at 561-609-6200, and schedule a free consultation.