If you think Corporate America loves you…think again.

While 40 is the new 20 as far as health, fitness and maintaining your ‘youthful’ looks goes, that formula doesn’t necessarily translate into how Corporate America views Baby Boomers (people born between1946-1964). In the work place your age is a real age that no anti-aging wrinkle cream can change, and if you fall into the Baby Boomer category, plus or minus a few years, you may be facing ageism in the workplace or when applying for a job. 

Think it’s not a ‘real’ problem? 

In August 2018, AARP released findings from a wide-ranging workplace survey, The Value of Experience: Age Discrimination Against Older Workers Persists, and found that two out of three workers ages 45 and older have seen or experienced discrimination because of age while on the job, and more than half of older workers who have seen or experienced age discrimination shared that they believe it starts when workers are in their 50s, which makes little sense since the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recognizes that employees 50 and older are known as being the most engaged and most experienced in the workplace.

With your education and years of experience you may be wondering why a stellar employee or solid candidate like yourself feels like they are being undervalued or ignored. On paper, your 20 plus years of career experience, the senior level positions you held or your portfolio of proven results is being tossed to the side while the candidate whose resume is full of internships and part-time jobs takes center stage. Brandon Gaille writes in his 45 Shocking Ageism Statistics blog that, “it takes Baby Boomers 46 weeks to find a new job, but for the average person it only takes about 43 days to find a job, interview for it, and get on the payroll. 

It just doesn’t compute.

If you are one of the more experienced job applicants, and it’s taking you almost an entire year to search for a job it’s time to stop writing cover letters, revising your resume and applying for jobs.

If you are already in a position, but your company is moving in a different direction that you may not be suited, or you are part of the 39 percent of new retirees who were forced to retire (2014) according to the article, The Evidence on Age Discrimination in the Workplace on Psychology Today posted January 15, 2019, which has left you feeling frustrated, even angry because you dedicated and invested into building your professional career. You may have delayed starting a family as you built up your resume, or you were forced to relocate so that by moving out, you moved up, or you lost precious time with friends because you needed to come in on time and under budget. 

Now is the time to become your own boss by discovering the franchise business model. 

Entreprenuer magazine reports in its January 19, 2021 article, Franchise 500: Our Definitive Ranking of 2021’s Strongest Franchises, “that nobody expected 2020 to be a year of growth,” but it did. And while there was a bit of bad news for U.S. franchises, “only 7,141 new units were opened between 2019 and 2020, compared with 9,110 between 2018 and 2019,” the good news is that growth, albeit slower that in the past, occurred, and saw new franchisees chasing their dreams, and businesses meeting new and sometimes increased demand.

Are you ready to chase your dreams?

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