How the Commercial Cleaning Industry is Opening Doors

Franchising a business can be a great way to break into business ownership without having to take the plunge all on your own.  More specifically, commercial cleaning is opening doors for potential business owners, especially female business owners!  If you’ve been considering franchising a commercial cleaning business, Franocity can assist you with making the first right step as well as all the decisions you’ll need to make along the way to running a thriving business!

While the business world has made great moves toward ensuring gender equality, there is still a noticeable difference between the number of male and female business owners.  As of last year, only 31% of small franchises and small businesses were owned and run by women.  Commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchises are fantastic ways for women to break into the industry.  Flipping the script on typical gender roles, it’s a way to embrace what you know and monetize it.  

Owning your own business or franchise is a way to work for yourself without struggling to climb a corporate ladder.  Office workplaces offer advancement opportunities, but women are still offered far fewer positions at mentorship levels compared to their male counterparts.  Male CEOs outnumber women by about 17:1. There is even a notable wage gap that is still present in the corporate world!

Flexibility and freedom are two more great benefits of franchising.  Having paid vacation time is a benefit to “typical” jobs, but owning a business or franchise gives you the ability to create your own schedule and a better home-work-life balance.  

Franchising specifically is a way for new franchisors to receive support from other women who are more established.  Creating a community of business owners is a great way to network and learn from other women with similar goals.  Supporting each other helps to ensure that more and more women will be able to chase their dreams of working for themselves and empowering themselves to live the life they’ve always wanted.  

Franocity is here to help you find the best franchise fit.  It can be overwhelming to know where to start considering how many opportunities there are out there.  Let us do the hard work and analyze the potential business that you’re interested in!  We’ll find you the perfect match and get you on the path you’ve been dreaming of.  Give us a call with any questions at 561-609-6200 or fill out our online questionnaire with basic information so that we can contact you for a free franchise consultation!