Going Back To Work

Did your Monday – Friday work/life week look like this in 2020? 

It’s Monday morning, the start of a typical work/school week. You and the family are sitting at the table, still in your PJs, enjoying breakfast. What’s not typical is that you don’t feel rushed, everyone is present. You ask the kids what they are looking forward to learning in school, your spouse asks how your day looks, and everyone has a chance to share. You clear the dishes, and one by one each of you pulls out and sets up their laptops. You put on your headphones or air pods and begin your day.

Your lunch break looks pretty much the same. 

Ever since the pandemic forced us to change our work and school routines, you and your family have been a part of each other’s everyday life. During your dining table office/classroom set up, you learned more about your kids, your heart grew out of appreciation for all that your spouse did and does, and you even felt more satisfied and fulfilled with your work.

But, things are about to change. 

Getting back to “normal” may mean getting back to the office. But now, getting back to the office doesn’t seem so ideal. You are going to miss seeing the faces of the ones you love throughout the day. Plus, you aren’t sure you are ready to give up your autonomy, get dressed (in work appropriate attire), fight traffic and return to your old self because frankly, you are not your old self anymore.

If you are facing the idea of having to return to your office building now is the time to ask yourself:

  1. Do I have the skills/experience/drive to finally be my own boss?
  2. Am I ready to start building a life for myself that I am in charge of?
  3. Do I really want to give up precious time with the people I love to work for someone else?
  4. Are you a person with passion?

If even one of these is a YES, then it is the time to pursue a life as a franchisee. 

Becoming a franchisee removes the frustrating and expensive leg work of starting your own business. With a franchise, the kinks of starting a new business have been ironed out, and the time it takes to get a new business off the ground has been reduced. Plus, you benefit from the franchise’s tried-and-true business methods. The biggest benefit is that you are part of an established brand. A brand with a loyal following and solid reputation. 

While being a franchisee doesn’t mean you get to stay in your PJs all day, it does mean that you will have more say in how you spend your precious time and who you spend it with.

If you feel like you’re not ready to get back to the office then call us today for a FREE consultation, 561-609-6200! Let us match you with the perfect franchise.