Franchise Commercial Lease Negotiation

When you become a franchisee, your new business will need a home. Before you sign a commercial lease, Franocity, in conjunction with a lawyer, can guide you through the negotiation. Together, we can help negotiate lease agreement terms and make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Your lease has many layers. The contract with your landlord must follow the stipulations of your franchisee agreement while still satisfying the landlord’s conditions. We’ll assist you in navigating common pitfalls in the negotiation phase so you get the best contract possible.

Popular things to look for and consider during a franchise lease negotiation:
• Contract length
• Termination clause
• Signage limitations — including the main sign above your business and any marketing signage after you open
• Cost per square foot
• Personal guarantees

For questions about commercial lease negotiation, or any other step in the franchise selection process, reach out for a free franchise consultation.