Five Facts About E2 Visas

One of the quintessential ways to succeed in business is to obtain the right financial backing in the form of investors. One of the fundamental cornerstones of the American dream; owning a business, or at least part of it. So what happens when you have people who want to invest in you and your products and services but live outside the country’s borders? SImple—these parties can acquire something called an E2 Visa. These are non-immigrant, non-permanent visas that allow investors to work in the US for a company they’ve invested money into. 

E2 Visas Aren’t Green Cards 

Unlike green cards, E2 visas don’t allow you to live and work permanently in the US. They’re also not connected to citizenship in any way. 

You Have Several Opportunities to Renew Your E2 Visa 

One of the biggest advantages of having an E2 visa is that you can renew them as many times as you’d like. You can get them renewed at two and five-year intervals. However, the length at which your visa is valid depends upon which country the worker comes from. 

There is No Investment Minimum Required 

If you’re a foreign national looking to obtain an E2 visa, then your primary responsibility is to invest in a qualifying business. There is no minimum requirement for how much you decide to invest, but those in the field of granting E2 visas agree that the more you have to invest, the better. 

Ambitious and Emerging Brands are More Likely to Work With E2 Investors

Many brands that have already been firmly established and have no trouble finding investors, such as Starbucks and Mcdonald’s, are more than likely going to avoid dealing with outside investors because of the huge number of potential candidates they have to choose from. Newer businesses that are just starting to gain a reputation will be easier to work with. 

You Must Invest in a Business With a Physical Location 

The definition of a qualifying business has some gray areas. In order to qualify for an E2 visa, you must invest in a business that has a physical location, such as a storefront. A work-from-home business is not acceptable.

Finding the Right Opportunity with Franocity 

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