Escaping Corporate America Through the World of Franchising

Having employment in the world of corporate America and receiving a steady paycheck is what we’re taught to do from an early age. So much so that, at this point, it might as well be considered a cultural obligation. And while there’s nothing wrong with living up to this expectation, there are ways to take the road less traveled and accomplish much more. But how? The 9 to 5 seems like the inevitable path for just about everyone. The world of franchising affords you an opportunity to succeed in a world that’s removed from the usual obligations.

What Exactly IS Franchising? 

Franchising is when a successful business model decides to replicate its success through a process of expansion. The owner of the business (the franchisor) grants the rights to a franchisee to sell their products and services and also use their intellectual property. A franchisee will receive training and adhere to the business model that’s established by the franchisor. 

Advantages are on the Rise 

You might be wondering what the advantages of franchising are. First and foremost, you have an opportunity to be your own boss. You can choose to be a member of the team or merely oversee and place your trust in a team who are go-getters and hard workers. Another advantage is that much of the groundwork has already been laid out for you. You have a successful business model to follow on a path to achieving your ambitions.  

Take Hold of the Flame 

Entering the franchising world can seem intimidating. This is because the business world has a long history of being competitive and cutthroat. Do research on your community and look into what franchises are available. By utilizing the right location, you’ll have a demographic that will be in need of your products and services. Market research has shown that franchising has been on the rise in recent years, and more than 80% of people who have chosen to enter the franchising world have been successful and have found personal happiness in their new careers. Opportunities like this don’t come knocking every day, but when they do, it’s in your best interest to let them in. 

Seize the Day at Franocity 

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