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Although immigration attorneys most frequently recommend franchises as the easiest path to invest in the United States and apply for the E2 visa, they are not the only possibility that an investor can choose.


This is one of the possibilities to consider as an investment in the United States in order to apply for the E2 visa. Foreign investors can purchase an existing company that has been operating in the market for a period of time and is, therefore, able to provide financial information such as revenues and expenses to the buyer. However, keep in mind that there are inherent challenges with purchasing an existing business including, negotiating a fair price, changing the management structure, and obtaining the required training and support to make the business a success. Anyone who chooses this path will typically need significant professional assistance to ensure that the investment satisfies the requirements of an E2 visa.


This may be a viable investment option for those who own a business in their country and want to reproduce what has proven to be profitable and successful for them there. Although the E2 success rate is much lower in these instances, this remains an option for those who have a very detailed business plan and have the historical financials to demonstrate the business is not marginal and that the investment is substantial.


When applying for an E2 Visa, opening a franchise is widely considered the safest and lowest risk investment possibility in the United States. A successful franchisor will provide new owners significant training prior to the business opening to ensure they are knowledgeable and prepared to operate a business. After opening, the franchisor will continue to serve the new business owner with support and business coaching to help them reach profitability quickly. Although franchises are not a complete guarantee of success, their success rate far exceeds those of independent businesses. As a franchisee, the new owner becomes part of a network of other franchisees and has the ability to share ideas and gain insights from others (very similar to a family).

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