Chicken Isn’t Even Chicken

There have been lots of big and little lessons learned during this global setback. One thing to note is how people have been taking charge of their lives and futures. Whether it’s retiring early, downsizing, focusing on work/life balance, or leaving their corporate jobs, people of all ages are looking for ways where they can take their lifestyle and interests and parlay it into owning a franchise business .

Adding to this new way of life is a breed of soon-to-be or recent entrepreneurs who are tapping into the “living longer, healthier lives” philosophies. They are looking at ways to help make aging a little better by offering ways for people to become fitter, healthier, and more active so that they can live more meaningful lives. This is not to be confused with those anti-aging schemes or sales pitches you are bombarded with every day. These business ventures are built on data that combines having relationships, incorporating exercise, eating a whole food diet, and removing or decreasing alcohol and sugar. And because diet is such an integral part of our lives and food either serves as a medicine or poison to our bodies the franchise restaurant world has a new kid in town: plant-based, vegan/vegetarian options!

Although the number of vegetarians and/or vegans is low – less than five percent of Americans – it has seen an increase. While converting to a non-meat, non-animal product diet may seem drastic for some, more and more people are researching, dabbling in, and testing the waters of a more plant/vegetable focused diet.

So, what does this mean for the franchise restaurant market?

According to the Good Food Institute, “the retail market for plant-based foods is worth $7 billion, up from $5.5 billion in 2019, and food sales now generate $7 billion annually, a sales growth rate more than twice that of total food sales.” Even fast-food chains are jumping on the bandwagon by offering non-meat substitutes, which opens the market for alternative style fast food and sit-down restaurants to take advantage of. Since the convenience of a drive-thru isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, considering a healthy alternative to this tried-and-true trend may just the business to get behind!

The excuse not to eat fresh because it’s too expensive is no longer a good enough reason to not eat healthy. There are number of fresh, healthy food franchises that make eating right more accessible and affordable. Along with fresh greens and good-for-you ingredients some franchises also stand behind global initiatives and charities that support social food programs and other movements making that lunch more than just another meal, but something that gives back.

If a more ‘formal’ restaurant is more your speed, there are now fully plant-based franchises that are entering the market. And don’t think the clientele is just the young and hip crowd. Older adults who have had health issues or scares are looking for ways to still enjoy going out for dinner but want better food options to support their overall health and recovery.

If either of these options isn’t what you are looking for, consider a healthy-alternative vending machine operation. This simple franchise model offers a one-time buy-in, quicker start-up times, and lots of flexibility.

Call Franocity today at (561) 609-6200 to discuss which healthy food franchise business option is best suited for you and start living your best life now!

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