Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

It’s a brand new year and a brand new you. This means it’s time for rejuvenation, renewal, and getting an early start on the next twelve months and what they’ll be bringing your way. And if you’ve recently entered the business world through franchising, it’s the perfect time to develop and implement your franchise marketing strategy. 

Building Your Brand 

This is one of the most challenging and important aspects of the process in question. It’s a matter of building your brand through recognition and marketing. And, at the same time, developing a business plan that future franchises will adhere to when they start. As a smaller-sized startup, you have the advantage of adapting to the changes in the market and changing your plan accordingly as the year progresses. 

Adapt & Overcome 

This is where knowledge is at its most powerful. Knowing the rise and fall of market trends makes all of the difference in the world. Your smaller-sized startup can make the right changes and implement them quickly. A franchise that has several locations nationwide takes much longer to implement new processes, but not you. One or two locations combined with your oversight are a combination that breeds success. 

Know the Opposition 

When you look at your competitors in your industry and see how quickly they’ve grown, you know that they’re doing something right. And so can you. By keeping a close eye on what your competitors are doing, you can see where they’re gaining traction and where their weaknesses are. These can be exploited and improved upon in your own strategy. 

Seizing the Right PR Opportunities 

Here we go—this is what separates the wheat from the chaff. Being noticed in the right places is what establishes brand recognition, and, as the saying goes, “Almost any publicity is good publicity.” Trade shows, charity drives, and community events are great places to start. This is where giveaway promotional items come into play. Tote bags, t-shirts, pens, and anything with your logo is a great way to get seen by potential customers in your demographic. 

Carpe Diem! (Seize the Day) 

You have a team; you have a plan; now it’s time to get on the fast track to success. The world is yours. The world of marketing has changed dramatically in recent years, but having the right strategy makes all of the difference in the world. 

Being a business owner can be grueling at times, but expansion is how brand recognition and profits are maximized to their fullest potential. If you’re looking to explore the possibilities of entering the world of franchising, the Franocity franchising consulting team is here to help. Visit us online or give us a call today at 561-609-6200.