Automotive Franchises

Did you know you can even start a franchise business in the automotive industry?

Yes, because service businesses (which encompass so many markets) are highly amenable to franchise structures. The automotive field is no exception to this trend. So, let’s explore what it might look like to open an auto-related franchise business with our help.

Popular Examples of Automotive Franchises

The best part about automotive franchising is that it comes in many shapes and forms, depending on which aspect you find yourself most inclined. This can be everything from repairing car windows to selling supplies (and much more).

  • Automotive Parts Shops - BatteriesPlus and numerous other auto parts shops are profitable in almost any community across America.
  • Auto Maintenance - there is no shortage of franchise companies in this area; notable examples include Grease Monkey and Crimp-Tech.
  • Window Tinting - several franchise businesses, including Turbo Tint, make it possible to reach clients for prompt window tinting.
  • Wheel Repair - companies (like Wheel Color It) serve drivers with essential wheel/tire maintenance.
  • . . . and several other automotive niches.

Other Important Automotive Franchise Trends

Although automotive services cost much more (post-pandemic), Americans still love their cars and require all those things we just mentioned. You might also notice a growing demand for new/used cars on the wholesale or dealership side of things. If you choose to open a franchise dealership, you could land yourself a profitable enterprise thanks to the almost 20% markup from selling second-hand vehicles at most locations.

Of course, it’s difficult to develop a brand new business model in the automotive sector, nowadays. That’s why you should consider partnering with an existing business, and piggyback off their proven franchise structure. Franocity can point you in the right direction for launching your new career.

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