10 Signs Your Corporation is Limiting Your Career Growth

10 Signs Your Corporation is Limiting Your Career Growth

Monday is almost over, and you’re not sure where it went. You clocked 12 hours. Lunch at your desk. Ten work texts to respond to during dinner. It’s finally bedtime, and you look at your phone. Three new emails from your boss about what he expects from you before noon. You’re starting to get a bad feeling about this job. No advancement on the horizon, no raises, no perks, no boundaries.
If you feel trapped in a toxic relationship with corporate America, you’re not alone. But know this: you have options. We’ve got the telltale signs lined up for you. Any of these sound familiar?

1. You’re just treading water.

Most people go into a job expecting that there will be at least some potential for advancement, but often there’s nothing — be it salary raises, professional growth, career advancement, or even basic personal development. Your boss should present you with a clear path to growth, or it’s over.

2. Too much of your time is theirs.

Are you expected to be “on” all the time, including never being separated from your phone or laptop? Obviously, some jobs require long hours at times or accessibility at off-hours, but it should be easy to see if you’re being treated like a machine. If your boss can’t leave you alone during your daughter’s one-hour ballet recital, there are some serious boundary issues.

3. There’s no continuing education.

If you’re lucky, you got some job training to begin with, but what about continuing education? Some companies are too cheap or shortsighted to make the commitment, even though ongoing training is key to strengthening your performance and advancement in your profession.

4. There’s no forum to contribute ideas.

Even in a fast-paced corporate environment, there’s no excuse for not soliciting and acknowledging employee ideas. Workers should be given forums to offer creative suggestions and also ways to provide feedback about safety or practical issues. This communication should be a two-way street. Otherwise, it’s a glorified suggestion box.

5. They don’t let you take the lead on projects.

Leading a project doesn’t have to be as complicated as overseeing an office software overhaul. In a progressive company, leaders of all kinds are needed and welcomed. There should be room for you to lead, even if they’re just baby steps.

6. They’ve taken responsibilities or projects away from you.

This is almost worse than not having leadership opportunities at all. Having your work regularly pulled or reassigned may indicate an erosion of trust in your abilities.

7. The critiques you get are not constructive.

Constructive criticism should always be welcomed, but it must be truly constructive. If you’re doing something incorrectly, you will not be able to improve and grow if your boss can’t point out where you went wrong and how to correct it.

8. Your values don’t align.

Anytime you sign on to a job, it’s imperative to understand the company’s values. Ideally, their values and morals will align with yours. Otherwise, it’s not likely to be a long or happy relationship.

9. You’ve lost your passion.

It’s a sinking feeling. You’ve lost your pride and inspiration, and you dread going to work. You used to love your job and telling people all about it. Now, it’s the last thing you want to talk about.

10. The company is in bad health.

This is the kiss of death. When a company is merely trying to stay afloat, and the employees are just stranded passengers, you need to prepare to jump ship. Don’t forget, you have a reputation to uphold!

So Where Do You Go from Here?

Reinventing yourself. Reclaiming your life. Whatever you call it, we get that it might feel a little scary at first. But it is possible to look boldly into the face of corporate America, say no thanks, and claim a new direction. It’s the dream of many people to be their own boss, and buying a franchise is a common path to making that happen.
You may have daydreamed about what kind of business you would start if it was up to you. What’s so cool about franchising is that you’re starting with a proven business plan and operating system, support from experts in their industry, and name recognition. This considerably cuts down the legwork required to start and design a business from scratch.
Here’s the real question: How many of the above problems and challenges could be solved by running your own business? Specifically, think about “values” and “passion.” It’s hard to imagine you not finding an existing franchise that will inspire you — from fitness, food, pet care, and financial services to education, marketing, and home repair. The professional and personal development you are being denied? Consider that no longer a problem when you take the plunge to start your own business. We know you’re loaded with questions, and Franocity is here to help you explore all the possibilities. Get started today!